Welcome to WolfYay! We want you to have a fun experience playing. There are a lot of things that you can do in the game, and many hidden features!


  • Move: WASD or ↑↓→←
  • Jump: SPACE
  • Look: MOUSE


  • Weapons: PRESS 1
    • Shoot: CLICK
    • Scope: RIGHT-CLICK
  • Blocks:  PRESS 2
    • Place block: CLICK
    • Remove block: RIGHT-CLICK (or SHIFT-CLICK)


  • "F" (SHIFT+F) - turn off gravity and increase speed.
    • Press "F" again to turn on gravity and slow down.


  • "[" save your current location.
  • "]" teleport to your saved location.
    • If no saved location, teleport to spawn location.


  • Press "*" for emphasized text.
  • Also try "*yay", "*lol" or "*bye" for funny sounds!


  • "F" (SHIFT+F) - fly around the map.
  • "H" (SHIFT+H) - say a variation of "hi!".
  • "M" (SHIFT+M) - mute, toggle sound effects off/on.

Chat Commands

Press "/" to start typing a command:

  • World
    • "/sky <color name or hexadecimal code>"
      • "/sky black" changes the sky color black.
      • "/sky #336699" changes the sky blue.
      • Jump in and out of water to reset the sky color.

    • "/mute" - turn off/on sound effects.
  • Blocks
    • "/save" - save your blocks during your session as a text file (.txt).
    • "/load" - load the blocks that you saved to a text file, may need permission.
  • Reference
    • "/about" - open About page.
    • "/help" - open Help page.

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