Wednesday, August 24, 2022

New Ad On Pause Screen

Yes, because the game is free we have to have an ad. Before we had no ads. But we added an ad on the bottom or top of the page, and that ad would slide onto the screen.

The new ad is just on the pause screen, and won't block your game. You don't have any ads when playing normally, only if you pause.

The ad is not trying to be annoying. But as the game gets more players we want to get a bigger server. And now our server cost is $25.00 a month. The new server will be more cost but faster and more players can play together.

Also added some links to the new blog too, for new players. YAY

Had to reset the map! Please save your changes with "/save". If you want to re-load your house, you can save it and do "/load".

I'm trying to organize this project a little better so this is like a release-notes.

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